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Formosa Toastmasters Club (福爾摩莎國際英文演講會) is an International Toastmasters Club located in Taiwan, District 67.

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2009-07-28 Formosa Meeting No.333 Photos


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01 Presidnet - Libby Chuang.JPG 02 Charter member - Scott Weaver.JPG 03 Guest - Jerry .JPG 04 Guest - Wini.JPG 05 Guest - Virginia.JPG 06 Guest - Alan.JPG

07 Guest - Chi.JPG 08 Toastmaster of the Evening - Ida Lin.JPG 09 Timer - David Ma.JPG 10 Ah Counter - Freyja Liang.JPG 11 Timer- Clair Liaw.JPG 12 Joke Session Master - Ruby Yang.JPG

13 Joke Teller - Scott Weaver.JPG 14 Joke Teller - Clair Liaw.JPG 15 Joke Teller - Libby Chuang .JPG 16 Joke Teller - Edward Chen.JPG 17 Table Topics Master - Lisa Lu.JPG 18 Table Topics Speaker - Scott Weaver.JPG

19 Table Topics Speaker - Kevin Yeh.JPG 20 Table Topics Speaker - Shane Lin.JPG 21 Table Topics Speaker - Marian Hsiao.JPG 22 Table Topics Speaker - Justin Liu.JPG 23 Table Topics Speaker - Virginia.JPG 24 Table Topics Speaker - Letitia Liao .JPG

25 Table Topics Speaker - Tammie Yang.JPG 26 C3 Speaker - Lawrence Huang.JPG 27 A21 Speaker - Wini Kao.JPG 28 Educational Training Master - Assam Chen.JPG 29 Sharing Time - Peggy Chang.JPG 30 General Evaluator - Charlie Chen.JPG

31 Timer Report.JPG 32 Timer Report.JPG 33 Individual Evaluator - Jessica Lin.JPG 34 Individual Evaluator Scott Weaver.JPG 35 Language Evaluator - Edward Chen.JPG 36 All the Winners.JPG

37 Guest - Jessie Chiang.JPG

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Dear Members & Guests:

Thank you for attending yesterday's No.333 meeting.
Just as usual we learn and laugh together, inpsired by the outstanding speakers' speeches, and  also shared the glory from following winners:
Table Topics Speaker: Shane Lin
Best Joker Speaker: Scott Weaver
Best Prepared speech speaker: Wini Kao
Best Evaluator: Scott Weaver

“We want success, We Better be Better, Taking Action, Getting Results.”

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2009-2010 Formosa Toastmasters Club Poster  宣傳海報

2009-07-01 Formosa TMC Poster by Wini.JPG 

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District 67 Division H Area H2

Club Type: Open to Public 歡迎各界人士加入會員

No Admission Fee 免費入場

Club Name: Formosa Toastmasters Club

Charter Date: July 1st, 1995

Meeting Place

1st Lecture Hall, 9th floor, Old Building, Mackay Memorial Hospital

No. 92 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.2, Taipei 

台北市中山北路馬偕醫院 舊大樓9 第一講堂 (MRT雙連站ShuangLian)

Meeting time

Every 2nd & 4th, Tuesday, 7:00PM~9:15PM



President: Libby Chung, ACB, CL                               sky.light88@msa.hinet.net

Vice President of Education: Raymond Tsai, CC       goodluck80214@hotmail.com

Vice President of Membership: Ida Lin, CC               eagle1933.tw@hotmail.com

Vice President of Public Relationship: Wini Kao, ACS, CL  chuiweio@hotmail.com

Toastmasters International

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Gathering: Saturday, Aug. 29th

8:40 MRT Sindian Station

829  週六上午8:40  在新店捷運站集合


Dear fellow Toastmasters and guests,


How long do you not date with nature?


Formosa and YWCA Toastmasters Clubs will hold the joint outing in Wu-Lai and Bitan on Aug. 29th. We sincerely welcome you to join us.


We can enjoy the Wu-Lai waterfall, cable car, cold spring, Bitan Drawbridge and rowing boat. You can also take a walk on Old Street and enjoy the Atayal cuisine and traditional roast chicken meal. Of course, we can have fun with many members from the other sister clubs. Please do not miss it. Invite your friends and family to join us!!

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Vote Counter & Board Writer


Your assignment is to count the votes for Joke Tellers, Table Topics Speakers, Prepared Speech Speakers, Individual Evaluators and the Most Improved Speakers and write the names of the winners on the certificates.


Before the meeting:

1. Write the names of Prepared Speech Speakers and Individual Evaluators on the whiteboard before the      meeting and write the names of Joke Tellers and Table Topics Speakers during these two sessions.

2. Give the ballots to each member and guest.


During the Meeting:

1. The Toastmaster of the evening will invite you to the stage. Please announce your purpose and encourage   all guests and members to vote for all the speakers tonight.


2. When timer gives the report during the Evaluation Session, please help timer to mark spending time of every speaker on the whiteboard.


The Job's script:

Dear fellow members and distinguished guests,

I am the Vote Counter for tonight. At the end of the meeting, our Club President will present five awards. They are

1.  The Best Joke Teller

2.  The Best Table Topics Speaker

3.  The Best Prepared Speech Speaker

4.  The Best Individual Evaluator, and   

5.  The Most Improved Speaker

Your job is to practice listening skills, and help us select the best speaker during every session and fill in your ballot and pass it to me during the language evaluation. 

Hope you can enjoy tonight's meeting.

Let's welcome back to the Toastmaster of the evening.


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Introduction of Advanced Manuals

The Entertaining Speaker

Entertaining speakers are always in demand. Projects address preparing and delivering an entertaining speech, finding good stories and anecdotes to include in speeches, using humor, incorporating drama into presentations and presenting an after-dinner speech.


A1: The Entertaining Speech (5-7’)

A2: Resources for Entertainment (5-7’)

A3: Make Them Laugh (5-7’)

A4: A Dramatic Talk (5-7’)

A5: Speaking After Dinner (8-10’)


Speaking To Inform

Informational speeches are one of the most common types, so most likely you will be asked to present one sometime. This manual contains information about organizing an informational speech, tailoring your speech to the audience, conducting a demonstration, presenting a report and delivering a speech about an abstract subject.


A1: The Speech to Inform (5-7’)

A2: Resources for Informing (5-7’)

A3: The Demonstration Talk (5-7’)

A4: A Fact-Finding Report (5-7’)

A5: The Abstract Concept (6-8’)


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Advanced Manuals進階溝通手冊一覽表

1. The Entertaining Speaker趣味演講

2. Speaking To Inform報導演講

3. Public Relations公關演講

4. Facilitating Discussion討論演講

5. Specialty Speeches特別演講

6. Speeches by Management主管演講

7. The Professional Speaker職業演講

8. The Technical Presentations技術簡報

9. The Persuasive Speaking行銷演講

10. Communicating on Television電視談話

11. Storytelling巧說故事

12. Interpretive Reading詮釋朗誦    

13. Interpersonal Communications人際溝通

14. Special Occasion Speeches慶典演講

15. Humorously Speaking幽默演講

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Competent Leader (CL) 中級合格領導員

Project 1   Listening and Leadership

Project 2   Critical Thinking 評論性思考

Project 3   Giving Feedback 提供意見

Project 4   Time Management 時間管理

Project 5   Planning and Implementation 規劃和修正

Project 6   Organizing and Delegating 組織和授權

Project 7   Developing Your Facilitation Skills 發展協同技巧

Project 8   Motivating People 激勵他人

Project 9   Mentoring 輔導

Project 10  Team Building 團隊營造


After completing all 10 projects in Competent Leadership manual, you are eligible for the CL (Competent Leader) award! Congratulations on your distinguished achievement!


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Competent Communicator (CC) 中級合格演講員

C1  The Ice Breaker 初試啼聲

C2  Organize Your Speech 條理分明

C3  Get to the Point 提綱挈領

C4  How to Say It 遺辭用字

C5  Your Body Speaks 肢體語言

C6  Vocal Variety 抑揚頓挫

C7  Research You Topic 專題演說

C8  Get Comfortable with Visual Aids 善用視覺輔助工具

C9  Persuade with Power 勸說誘導

C10 Inspire Your Audience 激勵啟發


After completing all 10 projects in Communication and Leadership Program manual, you are eligible for the CC (Competent Communicator) award!

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Dear fellow members,

The first attachment is the updated agenda of the coming meeting. Please take a look. If you have any question about the agenda, please tell me.


Raymond Tsai

Vice President of Education (2009-2010)

Formosa Toastmasters Club


TIME: 19:00-21:10 July 28th, 2009 (Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday)  
    VENUE: 1st Lecture Hall, 9th floor, Old Building, Mackay Memorial Hospital
      No. 92 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.2, Taipei   (No Admission Fee)
      台北市中山北路馬偕醫院 舊大樓9樓 第一講堂 (雙連站ShuangLian)
    TME: Ida Lin, CC Theme: Inspiring
Proverb of the day : 90% of Inspiration is Perspiration 
Agenda of Meeting No.331
Time Program July 28, 2009 Mentor
18:50 Registration    
19:00 Call the Meeting to Order Freyja Liang  
19:01 Opening Remarks / Brief Introduction Libby Chuang, ACB, CL  
19:10 TME Introducing the Program Ida Lin, CC  
  Timer ViVi Lin Lotus Wu
  Ah Counter Freyja Liang Peggy Chang
  Vote Counter & Board Writer Clair Liaw Wini Kao
19:20 Joke Session Ruby Yang Wini Kao
19:35 Table Topics Session Lisa Lu Irene Chen
19:50 ‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥Intermission & Social Time‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥
20:00 Prepared  Speech Session Ida Lin, CC  
(5-7') C5: Your Body Speaks C5: Lawrence Huang Shane Lin
(5-7') A21: Yes, You Can A21: Wini Kao, ACS, CL  
(15-20') Educational Training: Meeting Roles And Responsibility Assam, ACB, CL  
(4-6') Sharing Time     Peggy Chang, CTM, CL  
20:45 Evaluation Session - General Evaluator Charlie Chen, CC  
  *Timer Report    
(2-3') C5: Your Body Speaks Jessica Lin, CC  
(2-3') A21: The Goodwill Speech Marian Hsiao, DTM  
(5-6') General Evaluator Charlie Chen, CC  
(6-8') Language Evaluator Edward Chen, DTM  
  *Ah Counter Report    
  Quiz Time    
21:05 Closing Remarks/Award Presentation Libby Chuang, ACB, CL President
21:10 Officer Report    
21:15 Meeting Adjournment    
  President: Libby Chuang, ACB, CL   Chater President:  Richie Chan, CTM
IPP:  Assam Chen, ACB, CL     Honorary PR:  Gordon Brooks  
  VPE:  Raymond Tsai, CC     Secretary:  Jessica Lin, CC  
  VPM:  Ida Lin, CC     Treasurer:  Lisa Lu  
  VPPR:  Wini Kao, ACS, CL     SAA:  Freyja Liang  

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2009 ~ 2010 Officers Team of Formosa Toastmasters Club





 Libby Chuang


Vice President Education

 Raymond Tsai


Vice President Membership

 Ida Lin


Vice President Public Relationship

 Wini Kao



 Jessica Lin



 Lisa Lu


Sergeant At Arms

 Freyja Liang


Immediate Past President

 Assam Chen


Honorary PR

 Gordon Brooks


Charter President

 Richie Chan


 01 2009-2010 New Officer's 1st Meeting.JPG

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TIME: 7:10-9:00 p.m. July 14, 2009 (Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday)
VENUE: 1st Lecture Hall, 9th floor, Old Building, Mackay Memorial Hospital  
      No. 92 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.2, Taipei   (No Admission Fee)
台北市中山北路馬偕醫院 舊大樓9樓 第一講堂 (雙連站ShuangLian)
    Web Site: http://formosatm.pixnet.net/blog      
New Member Induction
Time Program  
18:50 Registration Lisa Lu, Jessica Lin
19:10 Words of Welcome Assam Chen, ACB, CL
19:15 Toastmaster of The Evening Edward Chen, DTM
    - Timer Lotus Wu, Sandy Cheng
19:20 New Member Induction Marian Hsiao, DTM, Governor of District 67
New Member New Member New Member New Member New Member New Member  
Kevin Yeh Tammie Yang Stanra Chen Zoe Huang Lynn Chang Justin Liu
Lawrence Huang Vivi Lin Peri Chuang Jessica Chan Shin-Ying Tsai Jang Pam
Freyja Liang Yiming Ma Teresa Shao Joyce Lee Julie Fang Ruby Chou
William Yeh Cindy Hsu Carmen Yen Jim Jhao Kit Huang Karl Deakyne
19:55 Move our body~ Ireedyi Pureve
20:00 ‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥Intermission & Social Time ‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥
New Officer Installation
20:10 Blessing from VIPs VIPs
20:15 Installation Ceremony  
(A) Discharging Session Wini Kao, ACS, CL, Outgoing H2 Governor
  (1) Sweet Memories Assam Chen, ACB, CL
  (2) Farewell speeches of discharing officers (30'' for each)  
  (3) Farewell speech (2-3') (A11: Mastering the Toast) Assam Chen, ACB, CL
  (4) Discharge of outgoing officers  
20:50 (B) Installation Session Nora Liu, CC, Incoming H2 Governor
  (1) Installation of incoming officers  
  (2) Words from imcoming officers (30'' for each)  
  (3) Inaugural address (3-4') Libby Chuang, ACB, CL
(C) Pass down the banner of Formosa All presidents of Formosa
  (1) Blessings from past presidents (30'' for each)  
    Outgoing Officers Incoming Officers
President Assam Chen, ACB, CL Libby Chuang, ACB, CL
VPE Coral Lee Raymond Tsai, CC
VPM Wini Kao, ACS, CL Ida Lin, CC
VPPR Bella Sheu, CC Wini Kao, ACS, CL
Secretary Lotus Wu Jessica Lin, CC
Treasurer Jessica Lin, CC Lisa Lu
SAA Raymond Tsai, CC Freyja Liang
21:25 Closing Remarks Libby Chuang, ACB
21:25 Announcement  
21:30 Meeting Adjournment  

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Dear Leaders:


I am very happy to announce that the 15th new club of this term, Perfect Bilingual Toastmasters Club was successfully chartered on June 25, 2009!


Congratulations to Div. B Governor Agnes Chang and her wonderful team! We are convinced that under the guidance of Club Sponsors: Camille Lai and Vitinna Yang as well as the Club Mentors: Danzel Luo and Andy Huang and the Club Charter President: Ukey Lo as well as the support of Distinguished Bilingual and New Century Bilingual TMCs, the club is bound for a great success!


很高興向大家報告:世界總會通知,完美雙語演講會已於今年六月二十五日正式成立!這是新年度所成立的第十五個新分會!恭喜與感謝B部總監張潔芳與她辛苦的團隊!我們深信在分會發起人:賴子杰楊玉昭分會指導人:羅俊煇黃正明的指導,並在創會會長羅秋雪 會友的領導與輔導分會傑仕雙語新世紀雙語演講會的協助下,這個分會一定會成功的運作!


Add Colors to Your Life!



Mike Yang, LGM, 08-09


推廣副總會長 楊冀光敬啟

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