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Formosa Toastmasters Club (福爾摩莎國際英文演講會) is an International Toastmasters Club located in Taiwan, District 67.

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2009-07-28 Table Topics Master: Lisa Lu        


Q1: What's the best Christmas party you can imagine?  (Scott Weaver)
Q2: If you want to earn 10 million dollars, how will you make it? (Kevin)
Q3: If you could be a superhero, which special power would you want to have? (Dr. Shane)
Q4: What's the best way to cool off on a hot day? (Marian)
Q5: What's your favorite board game?  (Justin)
Q6: What family or school rule would you like to change the most? (Regina)
Q7: What's the first thing you usually do when you get home from a trip? (Letitia)
Q8: What's the most beautiful place you have ever seen? (Tammie)

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2008-07-22 Table Topics Master: Wini Kao, ACB, CL




1.       How long have you joined Toastmasters Club and how Toastmasters colors your life? (Luna)

I would like to ask Luna to answer this question. Let’s welcome ~ ~


2.     If you won the lottery of two million U.S. dollars, how will you speed it?

( Wait! The numbers are wrong, actually you get nothing. Please tell us your feeling now? ) (Sherry)


3.     Scientists said human may live in the outer space, so if you have the chance to live in Mars for one year, who is the person that you want to go with? (guest- John)

(A big applause)


4.     If there is ET in our real world, do you consider chartering an ET Toastmasters club? (L.J. Lamb)

Don’t worry, Mike! I will not ask you this question!


5.     (Doraemon’s music) If Doraemon sent you a “Time Machine”, and the Time Machine can bring you to your past? Which age do you want to go back and why? (Any Volunteers?)


6.     If you won the Champion of a speech contest, what will you say? (Gordan)

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主辦單位:中華民國國際演講協會Toastmasters International, District 67.


工作內容:依世界總會World Headquarter的授權,翻譯現有英文版的Toastmasters教材為繁體中文,再交由世界總會出版,供全世界中文分會的會員使用。


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Formosa Meeting No. 326 on April 7, 2009


Thanks for joining Formosa’s meeting tonight. I believe you all enjoyed it a lot!


I would like to announce that we have one more new member, William Yeh! Oh yeah! He is one of Cerita’s friend and he is the big boy who will always response to the speaker with his sincere smile. Welcome to join us!!!


The Best Speaker: Ida Lin (C9)

The Best Individual Evaluator: Michael Liang

The Best Joke Teller: Peggy Chang

The Best Table Topics Speaker: Marian Hsiao

The Best Improved Speaker: Jessica Lin

The Best Performer: Peggy Chang


Quick announcement:

1.     April 11, 2009 - Division H International Speech and Table Topics Speech Contest. Let’s go to support Libby Chuang:



2.     April 25, 26, 2009 - Toastmasters Spring Convention in Kaoshung:



3.     April 28, 2009 - Joint Meeting with Sunrise Toastmasters Club



Assam Chen

President of Formosa TMC 2008-2009


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