Dear all


Thanks for joining Formosa’s meeting tonight. I believe you all enjoyed the meeting conducted by Sandy Cheng who served as the TME tonight(debute).


Congratulations that we have 2 CCs and 1 ACS tonight:

CC: Zoe Huang

CC: Jessica Lin

ACS: Wini Kao


Give them a big applause. 



The Best Speaker: Freyja Liang

The Most Improved Speaker: Lisa Lu / Jessica Lin

The Best Individual Evaluator: Edward Chen

The Best Joke Teller: Mirabella Chen

The Best Table Topics Speaker: Shane Lin

The Best Performer: Sandy Cheng


Quick announcement:

1.     July 14, 2009 - New member induction and new officers installation ceremony.



Assam Chen

President of Formosa TMC 2008-2009





* above is quoted from Assam's Email dated 2009/06/24


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