2008-07-22 Table Topics Master: Wini Kao, ACB, CL




1.       How long have you joined Toastmasters Club and how Toastmasters colors your life? (Luna)

I would like to ask Luna to answer this question. Let’s welcome ~ ~


2.     If you won the lottery of two million U.S. dollars, how will you speed it?

( Wait! The numbers are wrong, actually you get nothing. Please tell us your feeling now? ) (Sherry)


3.     Scientists said human may live in the outer space, so if you have the chance to live in Mars for one year, who is the person that you want to go with? (guest- John)

(A big applause)


4.     If there is ET in our real world, do you consider chartering an ET Toastmasters club? (L.J. Lamb)

Don’t worry, Mike! I will not ask you this question!


5.     (Doraemon’s music) If Doraemon sent you a “Time Machine”, and the Time Machine can bring you to your past? Which age do you want to go back and why? (Any Volunteers?)


6.     If you won the Champion of a speech contest, what will you say? (Gordan)

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