Ah Counter

Your assignment is to count the Ah Words for Session Masters, Joke Tellers, Table Topics Speakers, Prepared Speech Speakers, and Individual Evaluators and give the report at the end of General Evaluation.

At the Meeting:

When Toastmaster calls you to explain your assignment, come to the stage and explain your job:


The Job's Script: (optional)


Toastmaster of the Evening, dear fellow members and the most welcome guests,


I am pleased to be the Ah-Counter of tonight's meeting. My job is to help you cure your bad habit of making “vocalized pauses”, They are the sounds like “ah, ” “er, ” and “em” or the words like “well…, ” “and…, ” “but…,” “so…,” and “you know…”.


I will count the numbers of the “Ahs” from your talk during each session. And also, I will give a report at the end of the Evaluation Session and tell you who is the Ah King or Ah Queen of tonight’s meeting.


Let’s welcome back to the Toastmasters of the evening.


Ah Counter Report: (optional)


General Evaluator, Ladies and Gentlemen,


This is the Ah-Counter's report


Speaker's Name had 1 “ahs”, 1 “em” and 3 ”you know, you know”.


Speaker's Name had 2 “ahs”, 2 pause of “well, well”.


So, the Ah King (or Ah Queen) of tonight goes to Speaker’s Name.


You can also have No Ah-Words report:

Speaker’s Name , Speaker’s Name  and Speaker’s Name had no Ah Words. Let’s give them a big applause.


Let’s welcome back to the General Evaluator.


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