2009-08-11 Table Topics Master: Letitia Liao


1.    If enough to build whatever you want, but you are just allowed to build one building for just one kind of use , what will you build there? and Why?  (Michael Liang)

2.    Everyone has a last wish before saying goodbye to life. Please imagine that if you will pass away tomorrow, what is your last wish?  (Justin)

3.    Dreams usually come into people’s brains when sleeping. Do you believe that our dreams can foresee some future events?  (Raymond Tsai)

4.    In our life we have many things lead us crazy. For example, people who cough in your face or People who look straight to you. In your life, what is the thing you find most annoying? and how do you deal with it?  (Sandy)

5.    Supposing that you buy a so-called mini pig as a pet from night market, but it becomes a giant pig when grow-up. What will   you do?  (Odria)

6.    The length of life cannot be predicted. But, please imagine that how would life be if everyone knows on what date he will die?  (Nora)

7.    If God asks you to make 3 wishes, what will you wish?

8.   Superman has strong power and can fly swiftly; Spiderman can climb like a spider. If you can have a Supernatural Power, what power do you want to have? you are given a large fortune of money and a piece of land which is large


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