Dear all:
To attend the Toastmasters meeting not only learn the public speaking skill and leadership, but also share the knowldege and updated information from  members.
Today's meeting I was nourished by:
Justine Liu's introduction about Facebook which aroused my interest to know more about the updated knowlege of computer field.
Michael Liang's reminder  that happiness is so easy to reach when we open our hearts.
Peggy Chang's  economic growth chart that provided six decades economy changes of Taiwan.
Of course,  I need to mention the following winners who added the color to our tonight meeting:
The best prepared speech speaker: Peggy Chang
The best joke teller                          :Chi Yu
The best Table Topics speaker      : Gordon Brooks
The best evaluator                          : Shane Lin   
Because of your  participation and contrubition, today's meeting was successful and interesting.


*Above is quoted from Libby's Email dated 2009/08/26


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