Dear fellow members,

      Thank you for your effort that we have a wonderful meeting tonight. Special thanks to Jessica and Edward being the firefighters, and Marian and Peggy's professional performance. Besides, I want to congratulate Clair that she delivered her first speech, the Ice Breaker, and she also won the Best Speaker; you deserve it, and I hope you can keep going.
      Finally, we are going to have an "In House Humorous and Evaluation Contest" on Oct. 13, the first meeting in October. Please remember to attend the in-house contest, it must be very amazing. Since there are still three weeks to prepare before the contest, you can contact Libby or Raymond, if you want to be one of contestants.
The Best Joke Teller: Edward Chen
The Best Table Topics Speaker: Lawrence Huang
The Best Speaker: Clair Liaw
The Best Evaluator: Ida Lin & Shane Lin

Raymond Tsai 
cell-phone no.:  0953035475
skype:  sinuge999

* Above is quoted from Raymond's Email dated 090923.


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