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1)      Congratulations on the following Area Contest winners: 


Humorous speech contest

Champion: Assam Chen

1st Runner up: Lawrence Huang


Evaluation Speech contest

1st Runner up: Libby Chuang

2nd Runner up: Wini Kao


2)  In order to encourage the members to attend 2009 fall conference, club is going to subsidize each person NT$250 that means if you e-mail to Lisa before Nov. 5th for registration , you only need to pay NT$1,700 instead of NT$1,950 for 2 days full package. Please grasp the advantage to experience the great Toastmasters event and make it unforgettable to your learning life journey.


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*Above is quoted from Libby's, president of Formosa TMC, email dated 2009/11/01.


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