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Message Board for Libby


This is a message board for our beloved President Libby.



Please leave a message to Libby if 5you want to say something to her or everyone.

任何有關Libby的信息,請點選此篇文章標題"Libby's News and Messages"



About the nursing team schedule and diary, please link to




Hope Libby can get better soon and come back to Formosa Toastmasters Club.


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  • Irene Chen
  • A Special Meeting For Libby

    Dear Legacies and old friends,

    Formosa TMC members will hold a special meeting tomorrow night starting 7:00 pm to write cards, and voice recording blessings to Libby, would appreciate if you can join our program. We hope to grasp the time in no minute. Libby can't wait!!!

    2nd Lecture Hall, 9th floor, Old Building, Mackay Memorial Hospital

    No. 92 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.2, Taipei

    台北市中山北路馬偕醫院 舊大樓9樓 第二講堂 (雙連站ShuangLian)

    I am very sorry for the very short notice. However, I believe Toastmasters are available to take any impromptu action.

    Your participation is greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Irene Chen
    irene43ycyahoo .com.tw

  • Dear Toastmasters and Libby’s friends,

    Here is a nursing team for Libby. Thanks for Eva’s arrangement for this website.


    If you have any questions, please contact Eva for the nursing team.
    Eva Liu (Legacy, Toastmasters of Taiwan)
    eva.diversegmail .com

    We need a strong PRAY TEAM for Libby at the hospital; if you are a Christian, please contact me, Wini Kao (Formosa TMC)
    chuiweioHOTMAIL .com

    For more Libby’s News, please see the Formosa’s website at
    You may leave a message on the website to bless her.

    Let’s do some thing for Libby and her family and also let’s pray for her.

    May Lord Jesus Christ is always with Libby, her family and us ~


    Wini Kao, ACS, ALS
    chuiweioHOTMAIL .com
    Vice Chair of Northern Education & Training
    Vice President Public Relations of Formosa Toastmasters Club

    FormosaTM 於 2010/01/02 01:18 回覆

  • Irene Chen
  • 2009-12-24 Libby Is In Serious Illness

    Dear old friends,

    It is very hard for me to tell you about Libby's situation. She had been fainted for several times during December 5 to December 22. Her brain has been injured or maybe attacked by virus. But the cause of illness is still unknown and under examination. Her husband is exhausted after 18 days taking care of her intensively. Please stop calling Libby's cell phone and give him a break. It's not necessary to send her any email.

    May I suggest that not to bother her and her family for right now. Because, Libby can not recognize people who visiting her, can not write, can not talk logically. And, her husband would have to repeat and explain all the stories to the visitors that will hurt him time by time. Peggy has visited Libby tonight and is trying to give some help in finding hospitalization assistance.

    It's not a peaceful night to Libby. It's a sad X'mas for her family.

    Dear friends, Please pray for her ~

    Irene Chen
    irene43ycyahoo .com.tw
  • Rebecca is so sweet to write down the address, so that people can find the place. I just confirmed with the hospital, the shuttle bus has been canceled since September. If you want to take the MRT, please get off at 忠孝敦化站 3號出口,

    國泰醫院 3F, #376-1:

    院址:台北市仁愛路四段280號 (近安和路口)


    Irene Chen
    irene43ycgmail .com

    FormosaTM 於 2010/01/02 01:19 回覆

  • Michelle Liu
  • 2009-12-29 Libby's News by Michelle

    Dear senior Legaciers,

    Life is unpredictable.I am reluctant, but to tell you a bad news.

    Our dear friend, Libby has been in critical situation since Dec. 5th. She is still hospitalized in 國泰醫院.

    Irene, member from Formosa TMC, Lydia, Harry Fong's wife, and I went to see her in the evening of Dec. 23rd. right after we heard about this bad news.

    Please read her situation from following mail sent by Irene first.

    In the 1st sight when I saw her on the bed in hospital, I said "thank God', because I thought she was in a coma, and it was great that she could move.

    But when she laughed at us like a child, I was shocked and almost tore out. She could not recognize us, even her husband!

    We have tried to find out any hospitalization's resource which can help her to get a better treatment, but it is limited.
    The main reason causing her brain injured has been still under investigation.

    Libby is not only an outstanding member from Legacy TMC, she is serving as President for Formosa TMC this term.

    There is a suggestion brought out by members from Formosa TMC to collect photos of Libby into an album to bring to her husband. Hope those happy images can help bringing back Libby's memory "from the mysterious island she stays now".

    If you have photos with Libby, please send them to me. I'll forward them to the member who is taking care of this task.

    If any of you has better idea for it, please let me know.

    I do feel sad about Libby. Let's keep praying for her. She is a such good and enthusiastic friend.

    Michelle Liu
    michelle.4451gmail .com
  • Irene Chen
  • A Sucessful Meeting for Libby

    Dear friends,

    We had a warm and successful meeting tonight to give best wishes to Libby, hope she will get well and be with us soon. My heartfelt appreciation for your support from several clubs.

    Formosa will add a section in their website posting about Libby's status, once this is set up, I will inform you.

    Eva Liu from Legacy will lead a nursery carer team. She will make a schedule for the volunteers to sign up. Whoever can offer one or two hours to take care of Libby between 8:00am to 8:00pm is welcome . This is to give her husband and the nursery carer a break. Eva will give a short training to avoid critical words spoken out. Only healthy people wanted. An observation record will be needed to update by carer.

    Please feel free to visit Libby in day time, and do not stay over 9:00 pm.

    She can communicate with the visitors but not focus on the same topics, please bear in mind that not to push her for an answer or correct her speeches, always follow her speech.

    We fully understand the short notice of an emergent reunion will not be easy to gather each of you, but your blessing in writing to Libby is good enough.

    God heard your prayers and will bless Libby!

    Irene Chen
    irene43ycyahoo .com.tw

  • Michelle Liu
  • 2009-12-30 Libby's News by Michelle

    Dear Legaciers & Friends,

    I do understand how Legaciers concern about our beloved Libby while she is facing such critical illness, but please accept my humble suggestions as blow before you go to visit her.

    1. Please read the mail from Iren listed below first. She is the one who has visited Libby 3 times and also attended the special gathering for Libby last night.

    2. Two of conclusions from the gathering last night are

    a. "Formosa will add a section in their website posting about Libby's status, once this is set up, I will inform you. (probably tomorrow) "

    So that there will not be so many intersected and overlapping group mails.

    b. "Eva Liu from Legacy will lead a nursery career team. She will make a schedule for the volunteers to sign up.

    Whoever can offer one or two hours to take care of Libby between 8:00am to 8:00pm is welcome .

    This is to give her husband and the nursery career a break.

    Eva will give a short training before visiting to avoid critical words spoken out. Only healthy people wanted.

    An observation record will be needed to update by career. "

    3. Since Libby is still unconsciously in mind, she could not recognize who is visiting her and who she is talking with.

    In my opinion, a short visiting only causes her confused and a burden to his husband.

    I truly sincerely hope you all can join the nursery career team formed by Eva to take care of Libby one or two hours talking to her, playing with her, and taking care of her.

    It might be a long journey to her getting back to us.

    4. Please wait for a while. Eve is arranging a schedule form and will spread out to you.

    Please fill in your available time, then you can turn your concern into action to help her essentially.

    I'd like to pay my respect to you all, my dear sisters and brothers from TM community.

    (I do not know all of mail receivers of this mail. If this mail is a bather to you, please accept my apology)

    Best regards,

    Michelle Liu
    michelle.4451gmail .com
  • Edward Chen
  • 2009-12-24 Re: Libby Is Serious Illness

    Dear friends,

    It's really sad to hear the bad news, especially at the Christmas Eve. Let's all pray for her quick recovery.

    If this is not the right time to visit her or her husband, lt's just not bother them. Rest and peace might be what they need now. But some flowers with nice wishes might still bring them some warmth, don't you think so?

    Actually I planned to ask her to guide my students to National Palace Museum this or next week. It seems impossible for her to do it now. Possibly, if she learns of this, she'll get out of bed and say let's go.

    How I wish she could do that!

    Anyway, we can only pray for her now. But while we do that, let's also pray for each other for a merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year!

    Edward Chen, DTM
    Formosa Toastmasters Club
    edwardcnmail2000 .com.tw
  • Lisa Lu
  • 2009-12-25 Re: Libby Is Serious Illness

    Dear all,




    此外Libby佷擔心New member人數不夠的問題,


    明年Dr. Shane的國際會議也是大家多幫忙呀,

    Dec. 27, 2009第2次training幹部們也要多出席為了club的點數,



    lisa20020907HOTMAIL .com
  • Freyja Liang
  • 2009-12-28 Special Meeting for Libby

    Dear all,

    So glad to know you're going to get together tomorrow night for Libby.It's a great pity that I'm not available then.

    I've asked Lisa to record your cheering voices for me. Then, give all the recording stuff (or photos, video tapes...and so on) to Dr. Lin if he works on Wednesday (12/30). I'll be free this Wed. and Fri. morning. I hope I can finish it by Friday.

    (If each of you has any machine with 'recording' function, please bring it with you tomorrow.)

    I also called Irene this noon and she has got around 100 photos from Legacy TMC.
    She'll try to make it possible to give them to you tomorrow night.

    Dear Dr. Lin,

    You were on the phone when I called you just now.

    I'm free tomorrow noon and I can give my MP3 for recording to you in person.
    Since I can't show up tomorrow night, after the meeting, is it fine with you to keep the recording stuff or other materials in your office? If ok, I'll get them myself on Wed. morning (12/30). What do you say?

    Dear Irene,

    Raymond is working on the agenda now and will send it to us later.
    That means there will be a cheering meeting specially for Libby. Please bring what you have for her to the meeting accordingly.
    You'll be much appreciated if you can contact her husband to know more about her taste in music and get more photos for her family.

    No need to thank me 'cause it's teamwork.

    Freyja Liang
    pacebene0908gmail .com
  • Wini Kao
  • Collect Libby's Photos

    Dear Toastmasters and Libby’s friends,

    If you have any Libby’s photos, please send it to
    chuiweioHOTMAIL .com

    I will post it on the website and print it out to her husband to help her recall all the beautiful memory in her wonderful life.

    May God bless Libby ~


    Wini Kao, ACS, ALS
    Vice Chair of Northern Education & Training
    Vice President of Public Relationship of Formosa Toastmasters Club
    chuiweioHOTMAIL .com
    Welcome to visit our websites!
  • For your reference, here are some of Libby's photos.


    Edward Chen, DTM
    Formosa Toastmasters Club
    edwardcnmail2000 .com.tw

    FormosaTM 於 2010/01/01 23:55 回覆

  • Raymond Tsai
  • 2009-12-29 Agenda - Special meeting for Libby‏

    Dear fellow members and friends,

    感謝大家對Libby的關心。已確定Special meeting的時間是明天晚上(12/29)從 19:30 開始, 到 20:30結束, 在馬偕醫院9樓第一講堂, 預計一個小時。 特別感謝Legacy TMC, 以及Edward Chen, Ida Lin, Lisa Lu, Marian Hsiao 跟Shane Lin的幫忙。



    Raymond Tsai
    Vice President of Education
    (Acting President)
    Formosa Toastmasters Club
    goodluck80214HOTMAIL .com

    TIME: 19:00-21:10 November 24th, 2009 (Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday)
    VENUE: 1st Lecture Hall, 9th floor, Old Building, Mackay Memorial Hospital
    No. 92 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.2, Taipei (No Admission Fee)
    台北市中山北路馬偕醫院 舊大樓9樓 第一講堂 (雙連站ShuangLian)

    TME: Edward Chen, DTM

    Time Program December 29, 2009
    19:10 Registration
    19:30 Call the Meeting to Order Freyja Liang
    19:30 Opening Remarks / Brief Introduction Ida Lin
    19:35 TME Introducing the Program
    Timer Lisa Lu
    19:40 Wirte Down The Wishes Marian Hsiao
    讓卡片載滿我們的祝福,將勇氣分給我們的好友 ─
    20:05 Give Your Blesses Shane Lin
    告訴她你對她的思念,把我們的祈頌傳給上帝 1-2 min each person
    20:30 Closing Remarks/Award Presentation Acting President
    20:40 Officer Report
    20:45 Meeting Adjournment

    Libby's Sentence A Day
    No.333 7月28日 90% of Inspiration is Perspiration
    No.334 8月11日 If there is no struggle, there is no progress
    No.335 8月25日 Positive attitudes create a chain reaction of positive thoughts
    No.336 9月8日 Nothing happens until I make it happen
    No.339 10月27日 Experience is the teacher of all things
    No.340 11月10日 We can because we think we can
    No.341 11月24日 Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still
    No.342 12月8日 Patience Is The Companion of Wisdom

    President: Libby Chuang, ACB, CL Chater President: Richie Chan, CTM
    IPP: Assam Chen, ACB, CL Honorary PR: Gordon Brooks
    VPE: Raymond Tsai, CC Secretary: Jessica Lin, CC
    VPM: Ida Lin, CC Treasurer: Lisa Lu
    VPPR: Wini Kao, ACS, CL SAA: Freyja Liang
  • Irene Chen
  • Re: Agenda - Special meeting for Libby‏

    Dear Raymond and all,

    I have ordered 88 buns to deliver at 7:00 pm tonight. First come first serve. If any of you does not have time for dinner, please come directly to eat.

    As most of you may already known that Libby was suspected that got virus attached and brain injured, so she can not recognize people, can not talk logically, can not write. She was ill since December 5 until now.

    God must have heard your prayers. I went to see Libby last night, she is getting better. I scored her 20 points on 12/24, she was 40 points last night. Although she could not express clearly of what she thought, I can tell she was worrying about officer training and club affairs. She talked about life and Europe that may relates to her volunteer work. Her husband, Mr. 莊, hired a nursery carer but still exhausted, because he lost sleep a lot.
    But, it is okay for you to pay a visit between 11:00~2:00 pm and 6:00~9:00 pm.

    I hope you can prepare some photos of officer training and X'mas party to Freyja, so she can compile them in the disc.

    The background music can be "Toastmasters of Taiwan" , as Libby's husband is not sure of a specific song to use.

    We can talk about Libby's grace, or little stories tonight which will be video taping, then give her best wishes for health, no matter in English or Chinese.

    See you tonight!

    Irene Chen
    irene43ycyahoo .com.tw
  • Justice Liao
  • 2009-12-29 Re: Our good friend, Libby has been in critical situation in hospital./Re My sincere pray for her.‏

    Dear All,

    I certainly like to visit her if I can. If any of you are going, please let me know. I can go either this Thur. or weekend.

    I hope it is not Dementia as Effie suspects. If it is, we do need to pray God to help her. Anyhow, I'll like to visit her first and know what's her condition and diagnosis. Then I can ask my colleagues to recommend some good doctors who are experts in her disease.

    By all means, may god bless Libby and wish her recover soon.


    Justice Liao
    hahajustyahoo .com
  • Gary Tseng
  • RE: May God bless Libby~~‏


    庀護 Libby


    Gary Tseng
  • Bella Sheu
  • 2009-12-31 Medical issue for Libby‏

    對 於 Libby 狀 況, 或 許 下 列 醫 療 資 訊 可 供 參 考:

    1. 榮 總 腦 神 經 外 科 主 任 - 潘 宏 基 (榮 總 有 迦 瑪 刀 設 備)

    2. 長 庚 腦 神 經 外 科 張 主 任 - (台 大 有 X 光 刀)

    3. 台 大 腦 神 經 外 科 高 主 任

    4. 三 總 腦 神 經 外 科 馬 主 任

    我 的 朋 友 被 認 定 為 "腦神經動靜脈畸型" 接 受 治 療 過 程 中 較 推 荐 榮 總 與 長 庚.

    若 有 更 多 相 關 訊 息 會 隨 時 聯 絡.

    在 此 唯 有 不 斷 的 祝 福, 希 望 出 現 奇 蹟.

    Best Regards,

    bellasheuHOTMAIL .com
  • Irene Chen
  • Re: Nursing team schedule for Libby --by Eva Liu‏

    Dear all,

    Libby 自12/5~12/21 曾在家斷斷續續昏迷, 抽搐似顛癇,進出仁愛醫院治療數次,抽了脊髓液查不出病因, 可能事務繁忙勞累, 壓力大, 睡眠不濟, 免疫力降低,病毒或細菌入侵腦部深層組織.12/22轉國泰醫院時有發燒現象,電腦斷層腦部有光點.抽血培養細菌病毒結果有發炎現象. 可說話但無條理思緒亂, 國泰施打抗生素,類固醇, 抗癲癇藥物治療. 主症狀是 seizure 抽筋, epilepsy 癲癇. 請看下列網頁:

    If a person is having an epileptic seizure:

    try to remove any objects on which the person could hurt themselves.
    try to put the patient into the recovery position (lying on their side with their airway clear).
    never put anything in the person's mouth during an attack.
    stay with the person until they regain consciousness, then try to calm them.

    當Libby發生突然意識障礙, 失神,臉部或嘴角抽動, 眼睛上吊或歪斜,手腳彎曲抽動,或伸直僵直等現象, 可能是抽筋發作;請注意何時發生?從何部位開始? 延伸至何處?總共多少時間? 請詳細記錄下來,以提供診斷治療的參考。


    每當抽筋發作, Libby可能會大叫, 行動力量很大, 不好控制,怕她跌倒,一定要幫忙叫護士, 戴上床頭氧氣鼻罩,抽痰清口中食物.打針讓她鎮靜休息, 大約睡5小時. 人未清醒勿餵食. 目前買粥餵食,吃一點水果.體力差, 腳沒力.言語思想跳躍式無邏輯性, 有時清楚,有時含糊. 聽力很好.偶有互動式溝通.

    表格下方共有7個工作表,第一為Libby's status, 第二至第七為看護值班表, 暫訂試行一個月.
    理想為兩人一組,每梯2小時輪替. 並將看護情形登錄第一工作表 Libby's status.
    Libby 目前無法辨識任何人, 包括先生,85歲老媽媽,家人朋友. 請勿期望太高,她會答非所問, 只要順口互動即可.

    最重要由於Libby的抽筋情形不定時發作, 須24小時看察, 大家也各自有家庭要照顧,工作要忙碌,如果個人時間容許,一起分工撥少許時間幫忙照護, 會比探望的意義更有實質幫助, 因Libby的先生,及職業看護體力已不勝負荷 .基本餵食清潔護理還是由職業看護處理.

    請大家保重, 先照顧好自己, 行有餘力再幫Libby!
    真的很心酸與不捨,也會擔心老媽媽的健康與安危.Libby 無法照顧媽媽,
    今天大家為Libby所作的點點滴滴, Libby無法知道,
    真的天地動容, 讓我們一起為Libby加油, 守護!!!


    Irene Chen (Formosa Toastmasters Club)

    Eva Liu (Legacy, Toastmasters of Taiwan)
    eva.diversegmail .com
  • Sherry Li
  • 2010-01-01 Re: Nursing team schedule for Libby --by Eva Liu‏

    Dear All,

    Happy New Year. I was with Libby from 1:30PM till 5PM. I shall say Libby's happiness index is 99 on New Year Day, judging from her smiles on her face and how well and how much she talked today. Libby can recognize her mother, her brother, her husband. On top of that, she can recognize Effie, can even call her name. When Effie mentioned Legacy, Libby would blink her eyes.

    Best wishes,

  • Linker Lin
  • Re: How wonderful pictures I see Libby again today. Go Go & Go !‏

    Dear all beloved members of Legacy & Formosa TMC,

    It's great and cheerful to see some photos of Libby through the computer of my Shenzhen plant in China.

    Today is the first day of this new year. Wish Libby comes back to good health very soon. Please Go, Go & Go ! Don't stop it !

    Best Regards,

    Linker Lin
    linker.linTOTAL -lubricants.com.tw
  • Irene Chen
  • Re: How wonderful pictures I see Libby again today. Go Go & Go !‏

    Dear Sherry, Effie, and Green,

    What an excitement and great news you have brought us on the New Year Day!!!!!
    Surely that Libby will be getting better day by day. It's really a happy new year!

  • Shane Lin
  • Re: How wonderful pictures I see Libby again today. Go Go & Go !‏

    Dear Sherry and friends of Libby,

    It's great to know Libby's condition is stabilized and getting improved, though there might be a long way to go. When Libby's fighting back to her clear consciousness and normal mentality, it's our responsibility as her trustful friends to care about her and cheer her up constantly other than doctor's remedy. Let's keep on working on that. Happy New Year!

    Formosa TMC
  • Crystal Chen
  • Dear Libby,

    We are waiting for you!

  • Wini Kao
  • 這是Libby最愛的向日葵,也是Formosa今年officers的名片背景喔!

  • Lisa Lu
  • 志工傳單小海報‏

    Dear all,

    Dr. Shane今年的醫學研討會在5月啦~
    Formosa TMC知道這訊息應該有好幾個月了.

    Best regards,

    Formosa TMC / Lisa


    【徵求英語義工】Volunteer Workers Wanted in 2010
    SUBJECT: 一起為台灣主辦2010年第七屆IPWSO(乃小胖威利的國際組織,全名為International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organization)國際年會而努力。林炫沛醫師 (Shane Lin) 與林翔宇醫師 (Steven Lin) 皆為 Formosa Toastmasters Club 會員。
    IPWSO成立於1991年,目前已有81個會員國,總部設於義大利,負責人為現任理事長Dr. Shuan-Pei Shane Lin。 該組織每三年開一次世界年會,第六屆的IPWSO年會於2007年6月21日至24日在羅馬尼亞召開,馬偕醫院小兒遺傳科主任林炫沛醫師當年是該國際組織的理事及亞洲代表,林醫師和其他醫師協同台灣小胖威利協會一起努力爭取2010年國際年會的主辦權,經過一番波折與激烈競爭,終於如願以償獲得成功。

    Subject: IPWSO國際普瑞德-威利氏症候群學術研討會實況報導
    From: 林翔宇醫師


    第三天傍晚是國際普瑞德威利氏症候群組織(IPWSO)的全體會員國大會,此時亦需決定下一屆(2010年)國際普瑞德-威利氏症候群學術研討會的主辦國。這次角逐者有台灣及英國,英國代表以其會員國的悠久歷史及崇高的學術地位為籌碼爭取選票,林炫沛醫師則代表台灣發表演說,真誠地邀請各國來台(Visit Taiwan, Explore Asia!),並展現了我們多年來對普瑞德-威利氏症候群病患的具體治療與照顧成果。所有會員國代表經過熱烈的討論與台上台下Q & A,票選結果出爐,台灣以些微之差勝出,外交處境艱困的我們竟能擊敗歷史悠久的英國,令林醫師、曾教授與我三位台灣代表喜出望外,並倍感光榮地接受眾多友好與會代表的祝賀。 
    Volunteers Wanted for IPWSO International Conference in Taiwan‏ 
    Date: May 20 - 23, 2010. The venue will be at the Conference Center of the Taipei County Hall in Banciao.
     請聯絡:zsplin@ms2.mmh.org.tw eagle1933.twHOTMAIL .com 
    IPWSO Website: www.ipwso.org
    Let's give Shane and Steven a big applaud.  / Formosa Toastmasters
  • Wini Kao
  • Please Leave Your Message Here!

    Dear all,

    Please leave your message for Libby on this website message board. Many said there are too emails in their email boxes, and it is not easy for them to find their important emails especially for work. So do I. Thanks so much!
  • Sherry C.
  • Hi, i'm interested in your club

    Dear all

    i saw toatermaster from magazine management, and want to join you, don't know could i join your class on 1/16, should i prepare anything first or is there any restriction? But my English is not good, i'm afraid it would be a problem.

    Hope Libby will get back soon!!

    Sherry C.
  • Lisa
  • Dear Sherry,

    Welcome join us. I believe Libby will come back soon.
  • Wini
  • Re: A Wonderful News brought by Linkder

    Dear Linker,

    Thanks that you always bring us great news. Toastmasters is really a big, warm and learning family.

    Regarding Libby comes back to meetings; of course, it will be a great encouragement for all the members in Formosa since she is our spirit leader, President. However, I am really afraid that she will be too tired. I would like to suggest Libby might come back to the club once a month. It will be even better to join Formosa, since our meeting is in the hospital, when there is any emergency happens, the nursing team can help her. We also have doctors and nurses members in our club. Further more, it will be more comfortable if the guests JUST want to visit Libby without payment. We are free admission fee. For sure, I know, no matter Libby stays in which club, we will always give her the biggest warm supports and encouragements, right? So, we need to discuss more details if possible.

    On the other hand, I really hope she could continue cure her diseases at the big hospital, such
    as Taiwan University Hospital. Of course, we should respect her family’s opinion.

  • Ellen
  • 代轉Flora's greetings for Libby & all fellow members

    ** 以下僅代Flora轉達她對Libby & 大家的祝福 **

    ------ QUOTED FROM MSN 2010/02/01 ------
    Flora Sun 說 (下午 09:41):

    Flora Sun 說 (下午 09:42):

    Ellen 說 (下午 09:42):
    have nice working days and hopefully we could see you soon in the near future,

    you should leave your message on that message board to let all of us know that

    Flora Sun 說 (下午 09:42):

    Ellen 說 (下午 09:42):
    let other friends know that even if you're not being with us so far, but your spirit is always being with us ~

    Flora Sun 說 (下午 09:42):
    thank you

    Ellen 說 (下午 09:42):
    that website I just left to you

    Flora Sun 說 (下午 09:43):

    Ellen 說 (下午 09:43):
    那我就貼妳這裏的msn留言囉 ~~

    Flora Sun 說 (下午 09:43):
    ------ UNQUOTED ------
  • smileagain611
  • 請問2/18號我可否直接去參觀呢?