2010 Spring Conference in Taichung  


  “Spring’s Leaping & Dancing

        春 之 律 動



Dear fellow Toastmasters:,

Welcome to 2010 Spring Conference in Taichung! After 4 preparatory meetings of Spring Conference, we are ready and we are so glad to present to you a well organized and fantastic Spring conference which will be held on April 17th & 18th ,2010 in Shinkansen Grand Hotel Taichung hotel.


There are several reasons for your must-go plan in Taichung.


1. This year our theme is Springs Leaping & Dancing. By reading the theme, you can get a mental image of this Spring Conference.


2. Well have International Senior Vice President Ms. Pat Johnson as our special guest. We believe that everyone can benefit a lot from her tactful communication skills as well as her wisdom.


3. Please come to cheer up your club members for the prepared speech & Table Topic contests. They need your support to win the championships.


4. We still prepare you some interesting, inspirational, and educational trainings (English, Mandarin, Taiwanese & Japanese). We will focus on the communication skills; High Performance Leadership & Speech Bureau will introduce themselves to us.


5. You cant afford to miss out the most thrilled moment - dinner party. There will be 10 teams for great performance.


6. The registration fee for early birds is only NT1, 750 only. We encourage you to join the two-day event because you can get more for less. The early bird registration will start from Feb. 23rd, 2010 to April 6th, 2010. We also provide you several optional packages to fit into your busy schedule. 


7. Great venues. reasonable accommodations & easy parking. This hotel was just opened in January; its brand new and very clean. We also provide you with colorful and changeable spot lights and acoustic stereo system. A two-bed room only cost you NT$2,200. The hotel can only reserve 60 rooms for us. So, if you want to have a good deal of your staying, be the early birds. They also provide us over 100 ground parking lots and indoor parking space.


8. You can take your family to enjoy wonderful sightseeing. The famous scenic spots like: The National Science Museum, The Art Museum, Luce Chapel of Tunghai University, The night market of Fang Cha University, Ha Yu Harboretc.


9.The number of your dinner table will be assigned according to your registration order. Our policy is First come, first serve! So, if you want to clearly enjoy those amazing & hot shows, you had better take your action quickly. We can only accommodate 50 tables in the main hall, if you are number 501, you may have the seat in another room. To have a better seat, why not act now.


So, be the early birds. Register as soon as possible to have your rights kept. Join us now, you wont regret! For the details, please check in our district official website for 2010 Spring Conference.



We wish you a very prosperous Tiger Year to come! Look forward to seeing you soon in Taichung!



Sincerely invited by

Vickie Chang  張永維, Chair, Div. B Governor

Jim Chiu     邱垂珍, Chair, Div. I Governor

Guan Zun Wu吳恭讓, Chair, Div. F Governor

Joy Tsai,      蔡嬌燕C. E. O. of 2010 Spring Conference (代表執筆)

with Committee members of 2010 Spring Conference 2010春季大會全體委員敬邀




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