Dear family,


We had a wonderful, joyful and crazy night! Thank you for the family who made us full of happiness all night.


I do appreciate our Vice President of Education, Piaofor arranging the party successfully; Michael Liang for hosting a high quality Christmas party; Dale, Rachael and Karry brought us peaceful Christmas songs; Lawrence read a touching Christmas story and prepared the delicacies;Edward, as usual, had a wonderful harmonica performance; Assam, hosted a warm session to let us think of the past year and make a New Year’s resolutions! Christmas presents were provided by Edward, Marian, Samuel, Christina, Piao and Assam! Thank you!!


Welcome two new members, Dawn and Yiyi. We have 8 new members in this turn so far. And also thank you for the new members’ performance led by our most welcomed and handsome new member, Kevin.


Here are the photos of today’s meeting. Please link to our club Facebook.!/media/set/?set=a.568491486498982.140336.176193015728833&type=1


Our next meetings in January are Jan. 10th and 24th. Please mark the dates on your regular schedule.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!




President of Formosa 2012

Wini Kao, ACS, ALS

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