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Formosa Toastmasters Club (福爾摩莎國際英文演講會) is an International Toastmasters Club located in Taiwan, District 67.

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2009-2010 Formosa Toastmasters Club Poster  宣傳海報

2009-07-01 Formosa TMC Poster by Wini.JPG 

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District 67 Division H Area H2

Club Type: Open to Public 歡迎各界人士加入會員

No Admission Fee 免費入場

Club Name: Formosa Toastmasters Club

Charter Date: July 1st, 1995

Meeting Place

1st Lecture Hall, 9th floor, Old Building, Mackay Memorial Hospital

No. 92 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.2, Taipei 

台北市中山北路馬偕醫院 舊大樓9 第一講堂 (MRT雙連站ShuangLian)

Meeting time

Every 2nd & 4th, Tuesday, 7:00PM~9:15PM



President: Libby Chung, ACB, CL                               sky.light88@msa.hinet.net

Vice President of Education: Raymond Tsai, CC       goodluck80214@hotmail.com

Vice President of Membership: Ida Lin, CC               eagle1933.tw@hotmail.com

Vice President of Public Relationship: Wini Kao, ACS, CL  chuiweio@hotmail.com

Toastmasters International

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2009 ~ 2010 Officers Team of Formosa Toastmasters Club





 Libby Chuang


Vice President Education

 Raymond Tsai


Vice President Membership

 Ida Lin


Vice President Public Relationship

 Wini Kao



 Jessica Lin



 Lisa Lu


Sergeant At Arms

 Freyja Liang


Immediate Past President

 Assam Chen


Honorary PR

 Gordon Brooks


Charter President

 Richie Chan


 01 2009-2010 New Officer's 1st Meeting.JPG

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Formosa Past Presidents before 2007






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Formosa Toastmasters Officer List 2008-2009
Title Name Email
President Assam Chen assam.chen@msa.hinet.net
Vice President Education Coral Lee coral@taiwan-panorama.com
Vice President Membership Wini Kao chuiweio@yahoo.com.tw
Vice President Public Relationship Bella Sheu bellasheu@hotmail.com
Secretary Lotus Wu lotuslienyingwu@gmail.com
Treasurer Jessica Lin zu.jessica@msa.hinet.net
Sergeant At Arms Raymond Tsai goodluck80214@yahoo.com.tw
Immediate Past President Michael Liang formosa.mike@m2k.com.tw
Honorary PR Gordon Brooks  
Charter President Richie Chan  


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How to go to Formosa Toastmaster Club ?




1st Lecture Hall, 9th floor, Old Building, Mackay Memorial Hospital

No. 92 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.2, Taipei   (No Admission Fee)

台北市中山北路馬偕醫院 舊大樓9 第一講堂 (雙連站ShuangLian)

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