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Formosa Toastmasters Club (福爾摩莎國際英文演講會) is an International Toastmasters Club located in Taiwan, District 67.

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Introduction of Advanced Manuals

The Entertaining Speaker

Entertaining speakers are always in demand. Projects address preparing and delivering an entertaining speech, finding good stories and anecdotes to include in speeches, using humor, incorporating drama into presentations and presenting an after-dinner speech.


A1: The Entertaining Speech (5-7’)

A2: Resources for Entertainment (5-7’)

A3: Make Them Laugh (5-7’)

A4: A Dramatic Talk (5-7’)

A5: Speaking After Dinner (8-10’)


Speaking To Inform

Informational speeches are one of the most common types, so most likely you will be asked to present one sometime. This manual contains information about organizing an informational speech, tailoring your speech to the audience, conducting a demonstration, presenting a report and delivering a speech about an abstract subject.


A1: The Speech to Inform (5-7’)

A2: Resources for Informing (5-7’)

A3: The Demonstration Talk (5-7’)

A4: A Fact-Finding Report (5-7’)

A5: The Abstract Concept (6-8’)


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Advanced Manuals進階溝通手冊一覽表

1. The Entertaining Speaker趣味演講

2. Speaking To Inform報導演講

3. Public Relations公關演講

4. Facilitating Discussion討論演講

5. Specialty Speeches特別演講

6. Speeches by Management主管演講

7. The Professional Speaker職業演講

8. The Technical Presentations技術簡報

9. The Persuasive Speaking行銷演講

10. Communicating on Television電視談話

11. Storytelling巧說故事

12. Interpretive Reading詮釋朗誦    

13. Interpersonal Communications人際溝通

14. Special Occasion Speeches慶典演講

15. Humorously Speaking幽默演講

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Competent Leader (CL) 中級合格領導員

Project 1   Listening and Leadership

Project 2   Critical Thinking 評論性思考

Project 3   Giving Feedback 提供意見

Project 4   Time Management 時間管理

Project 5   Planning and Implementation 規劃和修正

Project 6   Organizing and Delegating 組織和授權

Project 7   Developing Your Facilitation Skills 發展協同技巧

Project 8   Motivating People 激勵他人

Project 9   Mentoring 輔導

Project 10  Team Building 團隊營造


After completing all 10 projects in Competent Leadership manual, you are eligible for the CL (Competent Leader) award! Congratulations on your distinguished achievement!


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Competent Communicator (CC) 中級合格演講員

C1  The Ice Breaker 初試啼聲

C2  Organize Your Speech 條理分明

C3  Get to the Point 提綱挈領

C4  How to Say It 遺辭用字

C5  Your Body Speaks 肢體語言

C6  Vocal Variety 抑揚頓挫

C7  Research You Topic 專題演說

C8  Get Comfortable with Visual Aids 善用視覺輔助工具

C9  Persuade with Power 勸說誘導

C10 Inspire Your Audience 激勵啟發


After completing all 10 projects in Communication and Leadership Program manual, you are eligible for the CC (Competent Communicator) award!

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