Dear fellow members,

Attached is the agenda of tomorrow's meeting. Our meeting theme this time is "Mother's Love", and please think about that "What Is The Mother' s Love To You?"
Besides, please notice that the meeting venue next time is in the 1st Lecture Hall, 15th floor, New Building, Mackay Memorial Hospital .
To reach the venue, please turn left after entering the front door, go streaght and there is an elevator on your rightside, take the elevator and you will see the meeting venue.



Vice President of Education
Raymond Tsai

  TIME: 19:00-21:10 May 11th, 2010 (Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday)            
    VENUE: 1st Lecture Hall, 15th floor, New Building, Mackay Memorial Hospital          
      No. 92 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.2, Taipei   (No Admission Fee)            
      台北市中山北路馬偕醫院新大樓15樓圖書館講堂 (雙連站ShuangLian)          
    TME: Wendy Lin, CC, CL Theme: Mother' s Love
Agenda of Meeting No.352
Time Program May 11, 2010 Mentor
18:50 Registration              
19:00 Call the Meeting to Order Freyja Liang            
19:01 Opening Remarks / Brief Introduction Assam Chen, ACB, CL            
19:10 TME Introducing the Program Wendy Lin, CC, CL            
  Timer Sandy Cheng            
  Ah Counter Clair Liaw            
  Vote Counter & Board Writer Samuel Chuang            
19:25 Joke Session Raymond Tsai, CC            
19:40 Prepared  Speech Session Wendy Lin, CC, CL            
(4-6') C1: The Ice Breaker Peter Chen            
(4-6') C1: The Ice Breaker Sophia Yang            
19:55 ‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥Intermission & Social Time‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥          
20:10 Table Topics Session Nancy Tsai            
20:25 Evaluation Session - General Evaluator Edward Chen, DTM            
  *Timer Report              
(2-3') C1: The Ice Breaker Pettitte Zhu            
(2-3') C1: The Ice Breaker Lisa Lu            
(5-6') General Evaluator Edward Chen, DTM            
(6-8') Language Evaluator Marian Hsiao, DTM            
  *Ah Counter Report              
  Quiz Time              
20:45 Closing Remarks/Award Presentation Assam Chen, ACB, CL President          
21:00 Officer Report              
21:05 Meeting Adjournment              
  President: Libby Chuang, ACB, CL   Chater President:  Richie Chan, CTM
IPP:  Assam Chen, ACB, CL   Honorary PR:  Gordon Brooks            
  VPE:  Raymond Tsai, CC     Secretary:  Jessica Lin, CC            
  VPM:  Sandy Cheng     Treasurer:  Lisa Lu            
  VPPR:  Wini Kao, ACS, CL   SAA:  Freyja Liang            

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