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Formosa Toastmasters Club (福爾摩莎國際英文演講會) is an International Toastmasters Club located in Taiwan, District 67.

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Ah Counter

Your assignment is to count the Ah Words for Session Masters, Joke Tellers, Table Topics Speakers, Prepared Speech Speakers, and Individual Evaluators and give the report at the end of General Evaluation.

At the Meeting:

When Toastmaster calls you to explain your assignment, come to the stage and explain your job:


The Job's Script: (optional)


Toastmaster of the Evening, dear fellow members and the most welcome guests,


I am pleased to be the Ah-Counter of tonight's meeting. My job is to help you cure your bad habit of making “vocalized pauses”, They are the sounds like “ah, ” “er, ” and “em” or the words like “well…, ” “and…, ” “but…,” “so…,” and “you know…”.


I will count the numbers of the “Ahs” from your talk during each session. And also, I will give a report at the end of the Evaluation Session and tell you who is the Ah King or Ah Queen of tonight’s meeting.


Let’s welcome back to the Toastmasters of the evening.


Ah Counter Report: (optional)


General Evaluator, Ladies and Gentlemen,


This is the Ah-Counter's report


Speaker's Name had 1 “ahs”, 1 “em” and 3 ”you know, you know”.


Speaker's Name had 2 “ahs”, 2 pause of “well, well”.


So, the Ah King (or Ah Queen) of tonight goes to Speaker’s Name.


You can also have No Ah-Words report:

Speaker’s Name , Speaker’s Name  and Speaker’s Name had no Ah Words. Let’s give them a big applause.


Let’s welcome back to the General Evaluator.


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All the elements of a Toastmasters meeting are timed and recorded by the Timekeeper who is equipped with a stopwatch and timing flags.  The timing flags explain the time range for each timed event.


During the Meeting:

When the Toastmaster calls on you to explain your role, stand, acknowledge the Toastmaster, and demonstrate how you will use the flags to indicate the timing progression of Joke Session, Table Topics, Evaluation, and Prepared Speech Session of the meeting. Also explain that any presenter going over time will be disqualified from the vote.


Timing Hints:

Hold each flag until you go to the next flag.  This is extremely helpful to each speaker. 

The Toastmaster will notify you if timing will be different from the standard time. If the changes confuse you, do not be afraid to ask when to change the flags.  It is better not to guess, as timing is very important to the speakers.

Toward the end of the meeting, the General Evaluator will call you to give a report. At this time, stand at your seat and briefly give the names and exact time for each Speaker, Individual Evaluator, Table Topics speaker and Joke Teller. And also, the Vote Counter will help you to write the report on the whiteboard.

Note:  Be sure the Toastmaster and Session Master are aware if the meeting starts to get behind schedule.

The Job's Script (optional)

Dear fellow members and distinguished guests, I am the timer for tonight.  When you deliver your speech, I will help you control your time. When I raise the green flag, you are qualified. When I raise the yellow flag that means you still have one minute left.  When I raise the red flag, you should end your speech as soon as possible.  After 30 seconds, end your speech or you will be disqualified.

Times are: for a prepared speech, 5-7 minutes, plus or minus 30 seconds. For a Joke and a Table Topic, 1-2 minutes, plus or minus 30 seconds.  For an Individual Evaluator, 2-3 minutes, plus or minus 30 seconds.


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Vote Counter & Board Writer


Your assignment is to count the votes for Joke Tellers, Table Topics Speakers, Prepared Speech Speakers, Individual Evaluators and the Most Improved Speakers and write the names of the winners on the certificates.


Before the meeting:

1. Write the names of Prepared Speech Speakers and Individual Evaluators on the whiteboard before the      meeting and write the names of Joke Tellers and Table Topics Speakers during these two sessions.

2. Give the ballots to each member and guest.


During the Meeting:

1. The Toastmaster of the evening will invite you to the stage. Please announce your purpose and encourage   all guests and members to vote for all the speakers tonight.


2. When timer gives the report during the Evaluation Session, please help timer to mark spending time of every speaker on the whiteboard.


The Job's script:

Dear fellow members and distinguished guests,

I am the Vote Counter for tonight. At the end of the meeting, our Club President will present five awards. They are

1.  The Best Joke Teller

2.  The Best Table Topics Speaker

3.  The Best Prepared Speech Speaker

4.  The Best Individual Evaluator, and   

5.  The Most Improved Speaker

Your job is to practice listening skills, and help us select the best speaker during every session and fill in your ballot and pass it to me during the language evaluation. 

Hope you can enjoy tonight's meeting.

Let's welcome back to the Toastmaster of the evening.


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