Dear family and friends,

We are going to have a warm Christmas Party on Dec. 25th. This is the last meeting of the year!! Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! See you on Dec. 25th.


Party includes: (English only)

1.     Christmas Programs 溫馨的聖誕節節目

2.     Desserts and drink  聖誕愛宴 (會上提供)

3.     Lucky draw prizes  尾牙摸彩 (7-11禮券300,200, 100元等禮物喔!!)

If you would like to provide the presents are all welcomed. 要提供聖誕禮物的也歡迎喔!!



Time: 19:00-21:15 (Free免費入場)


Venue: 台北馬偕平安樓15F



Best regards,


President of Formosa


Wini Kao

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